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YouTube Necessities for First Time College Content Creators

With more people finding out about how much money there is to be made by being a YouTuber, more and more questions are being raised by people wanting to start

This article will focus on the 2 main things that you will need to focus on to start your career as a YouTube sensation.

Getting the Right Equipment

Almost all content creators on the site make sure their videos look professional and engaging for their audience.

Many channels go the extra mile to make sure their videos are made with good quality.

The equipment you will need will depend on the type of videos you are going to be uploading.  Some things will be better suited for you, than others, to cater to the type videos you upload.

For instance, If you are making a gaming channel where you provide commentary over your recorded gameplay then getting a camera to record your face might not be at the top of your list, but a screen capture tool to use to record your gameplay, like an Elgato, will be a must for you.

On the other hand, if you want to make vlogs or skits, a screen capture tool will not be needed.  A webcam or camera will be a better tool to do what you need to do.

Here are 3 things that will be important for you to have regardless of what type of video you are making.


Thankfully, a lot of phones we use today already come equipped with cameras capable of recording clear and professional style videos.

If you aren’t looking to get a brand new camera, or you are just checking to see what it’s like uploading to YouTube without breaking your bank, then simply invest in a tripod for your phone if you need it, then Bam! You have a reliable camera that shoots clear videos and you can start recording right way.

Make sure the camera you use can record HD videos.

HD videos are the status quo on YouTube’s platform. A camera that shoots 720p resolution is a good standard to aim for that will get the job done.

A camera that shoots 1080p is even better. It will give you better resolution and will get you even better results.

Any resolution lower than these two can be used but you risk missing out on potential subscribers because of the videos poor quality and you also risk taking away from your videos potential.

There are a cheap options for you to choose from on Amazon that provide the necessary performance that you will need.


You will also need a microphone. Unless you plan on uploading silent videos a mic is a tool you can not do without.

With a new channel there is not a lot of pressure when it comes using a good mic for videos. You will be able to get away with simply using the mics that come with headphones you use daily.

Along the road, as your channel grows you might want to start looking to invest in a better mic.


A computer is an important piece of equipment that will come in handy from your first day starting. As a YouTuber this is where most of your time will be spent.

Whether you are managing your channel, going through your comments, or editing videos, a computer will be required.

On your computer, you are going to want to have some type of video editing software.

Using software made specifically for editing videos gives you more options when it comes to the things that you can do with the video.

Here are a few options to take a look at:

To see what these apps offer and how they rank when compared to each other, check out this article on PCMag.

Take Away

  • Getting the right type of equipment for your videos is very important.
  • A computer, editing software, a microphone, and a camera are going to be the most important things that you will need. There are other things you can get to help spice things up (like lighting or props) and increase your videos quality and feel.

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Channels Content

It is important before you even think about making money on the site that you have an idea of what your channels content will be about and what type of viewers you would like to attract. These factors will play a part in determining how much money you will make.

The main thing to consider when deciding on what type of videos to upload is you. No matter what you upload, you will always be a part of your videos and your fans/subscribers will eventually want to develop a relationship with you.

What Type of Videos Should I Make?

It is a good idea to build your channel around something that you already love to do and something you know you can have a lot of fun with.

Otherwise you risk burning yourself out and you might not be as willing to put so much of yourself into your videos as you would over a different topic that you like.

Take Jonathan Paula for example. His YouTube channel blew up because of his hit series “Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This?”. You might have heard of him or even watched one of his videos.

His unique idea was able to gain him over 800 thousand subscribers on his channel with over 400 million views on his videos.

When brainstorming for ideas, try not to overthink your decision.

Here is a list of possible types of videos are made:

  • Comedy
  • Skits
  • Gaming
  • Daily Vlogging
  • Pranks/Challenges
  • Art
  • Conspiracy
  • Fashion
  • Music and Dance
  • Reaction to other videos
  • News/Gossip

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the types of content you can create. The possibilities are endless and its really up to you.  These are just a fraction of the types of content on YouTube.

You can go through YouTube by yourself to see what types of videos others are uploading. Who knows you might find inspiration by seeing what others are doing with their channels.

Take Away

  • When creating your channel make sure that you are thinking about what you enjoy doing or come up with something unique and fun that will get people interested and watching your videos.
  • With over 5.1 billion videos being watched on the site everyday, taking some time out to think of unique content that will set you apart from the crowd will definitely do you some good in the long run in terms of helping your videos get noticed and attracting more views.
  • Try not to over think your decision. Who knows, that crazy idea you didn’t give much thought to might be the next thing to blow up on YouTube.
  • Look for something that you find fun. That way your videos will never feel like a chore.

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