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Weekly News for College Entrepreneurs #1

This is the first installment of a new section of news posts, which will be uploaded on a weekly basis. There’s a lot that goes on in the world of journalism, and it can be quite a task to sift through the less important news in order to find the significant.

Luckily for you, we’ll be compiling relevant news stories from the past week into one place so that you can do less sifting and just indulge.

Here’s the intellectually-stimulating news for the week Feb. 28 – March 6, 2019.

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Managers v. Stockholders in a (Possibly) Huge Pharma Merger

As is the case in any publicly-held company, Bristol-Myers Squibb management has the ultimate goal of making decisions that are best for the interests of the company’s stockholders. However, determining what the best decisions are is subjective. That is, sometimes management and stockholders have conflicting ideas about what’s best.

In this article, you can read about an ongoing battle between BMS stockholders and management over the proposed acquisition of Celgene. BMS management views the deal as a wise investment, while majority stockholders are adamantly opposed.

SEC Wants Elon Musk held Contempt of Court

I really had no choice but to include Elon Musk in a news compilation for College Entrepreneurs. Ever since his taking Tesla private hoax last year, Musk has had a questionable relationship with the SEC. Repercussions of that hoax came in the form of significant restrictions placed on Musk. For example, he was instructed not to Tweet about Tesla without preapproval from certain individuals in the company.

( Why Some Colleges Are Slashing Their Tuition Cost in 2019 )

Now, the SEC alleges Musk did Tweet recently without preapproval. Since they’ve shown Musk leniency before, they want him held contempt of court this time.

You be the judge… not really though, the actual judge will handle that.

R.I.P.  D.E.?

Rest in Peace to Data Entry? Maybe. Microsoft’s announcement of a new tool that will turn a photographed table into an editable Excel spreadsheet.

Lyft Beats Uber to IPO

Lyft and Uber are the two biggest competitors in the ride-hailing market. Of these two, Lyft is largely seen as the underdog. But, apparently, the fast underdog. Lyft has filed for an IPO with the SEC, while Uber is still only talking about it. It’s likely we will see Uber file in the near future.

Lyft is the first Unicorn category company to file this year, and for the first time, you can get a look at their financials. While you’re reading, ask yourself: Does Lyft have the potential to be profitable?

The Retail Apocalypse. Continued.

As Supreme Ruler Bezos continues his reign, brick-and-mortar retailers have already announced the closing of 4,309 locations in 2019. Here’s the full list, including Tesla and Victoria’s Secret.

Amazon to Launch Grocery Store Chain

What a coincidence… or is it?

Now that Bezos has spent the past few years dealing major damage to brick-and-mortar stores, the rent should be really cheap for Amazon’s new grocery stores. Almost appears as if he’s been planning that all along.

( The College Student Review of Amazon’s Alexa )

We can’t be sure yet if the stores will use the “Amazon” name or the cashier-less business model of the Amazon Go stores. According to people familiar with the matter, we can expect to know by the end of 2019.

WSJ: “Hottest Job Market in Half a Century”

Good for College Entrepreneurs and post-college job seekers alike. According to the very knowledgeable people at The Wall Street Journal, you may be graduating college into the hottest job market in the last 50 years.

The evidence? Lowest of low unemployment and 100 consecutive months of jobs being added to the US Economy.

SpaceX’ Successful Connection with ISS

I hope you don’t get tired of reading about Elon because he just made the list twice in the first week.

( How Advancements in AI Technology Can Impact College Students )

SpaceX completed an unmanned mission to the International Space Station. If Elon has his way, then manned missions coming soon.

Google Brings the Irony

If you’re in college with your eyes open, then you know about the alleged wage gap. Google did an internal study to make sure they were practicing wage equality.

The results? In 2018, Google underpaid its men in comparable jobs. Don’t worry though, they made it right.

Chinese Smartphone Maker Huawei to Sue US Government

As part of a recent Defense Spending bill, the US Government barred executive agencies from using Huawei smartphones. Admittedly, Huawei makes some stellar products that are considerable choices against the iPhone.

The fear though, is that the Chinese government may be able to use Huawei devices to spy on US operations if those devices are held by US officials.

About That Hot Job Market…

A hot job market just means that securing a job should be less-hard than it would be in a poor job market. It doesn’t mean that everyone is going to make 6 figures.

If you don’t accept that and you want to make 6 figures, then look no further than The Top 5 Jobs for Millennials Looking to Earn 6 Figures. Fitting title, isn’t it?

The Trade Deficit (also) Brings the Irony

The man in the Oval Office has made quite a big deal of the US Trade Deficit over the course of his presidency. The latest report is that the trade deficit actually reached its highest point in history under President Trump. Ironic.

Even more ironic, is that while Trump says he’s working to reduce the deficit, everything he’s done made it wider. His tax cuts gave US Consumers more money to spend, and his trade war made domestic goods less competitive abroad (Thanks to retaliatory tariffs). That, combined with the strong performance of the US Dollar, made imported goods a much better buy for US consumers than domestic goods.

Less selling of domestic goods abroad + More consumption of imports = Largest US trade deficit in history.

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