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13 Profitable Blog Niches For College Bloggers

With so many options out there to choose from, it isn’t always easy to know which blog niche is most profitable for college bloggers.  This post gives college bloggers 13 profitable blog niches they can choose from and explains what each niche is about.

Why start a blog? Some people do it to share their opinion with the world, and others do it because of the opportunity for financial freedom that it offers.

If you are starting a blog just for fun, then you can write to your audience about anything.

But if you plan on monetizing your blog in the future then here’s a list of 13 blog niches that have been proven to be profitable.

Note: Don’t let the fact that you don’t know anything about the niche that interests you stop you from writing about it.  The great thing about blogging is that it is entirely okay not to be an expert. Your blog can be a way for you to learn more about that topic.

Before we start, lets answer the question “what is a blog”?

A blog is a discussion or an informational website that can serve a lot of purposes.  Blogs can educate, entertain, inform, and inspire readers.

There are so many types of blogs that exist that cover a wide range of topics.  

Many bloggers will tell you that they started their blogs based on topics that they already enjoyed and started building from there.

While this is a good strategy for picking your niche, you must also ask yourself one question.

“Do I want to make money from my blog?”

If yes, then you should try to find the balance between a niche/topic you enjoy and one that you can make money from.

The good news about blogging is, your only restrictions are the limits you put on yourself. There’s a chance to make money in any niche you choose. But the reality is, some niches are easier to make money in than others.

This post will list 13 of the most profitable niches.

1. Health and Fitness

In this niche, you can help your fellow college students learn how to take care of their health.  With the amount of stress students go through every single semester it can be easy to lose track of our health.  The freshman 15 is very real!

You can either chose to go for a general take on health and fitness where your blog covers everything under the fitness niche.

Or you can choose a sub-topic and use your blog to teach people more about that one thing.

Here are some sub-niches you can choose from:

Staying fit – give people exercises and exercise tips that help them stay healthy. You can also educate them on the benefits of staying fit.  

Eating Right – The freshman 15 is real! You can educate students on the right things to eat or on healthy eating habits.

Staying Active – share ways to stay active with your audience.  Maybe you know about different ways to keep active that doesn’t involve going to the gym.  Simple workouts students can do from their dorm rooms will be great content for you.

Health tips for non-athletes and athletes alike – Your blog can be about giving athletes and non-athletes tips on ways to stay in shape.

2. Lifestyle

The concept behind running a lifestyle blog is straightforward.

As a college student, you already have a lifestyle your audience can easily relate to. Lifestyle blogs are about writing about your everyday experiences and interests.

Lifestyle blogs tend to be relatable and that plays a role in why they are so lucrative and what makes them a profitable niche for college bloggers like you.

3. How to make money

Money is the most important thing for college students, second only to the stress that comes from classes. Help out your fellow students by offering financial tips, making extra money hacks, budgeting in college, and other money-related topics.

If you are thinking to yourself “I can’t do this, I can barely keep money in my bank account” you might be right, but you can start researching smart money habits. As you learn, share your knowledge on your blog.

Again, the good thing about running a blog is that you don’t need to be an expert to start.

4. Food

Am I the only one with the munchies right now?

People love to learn about food. Especially new food recipes they can make on a budget.

The great thing about this niche is that food you choose. is so broad that you can go in any direction you want. You can write about recipes, food cultures, and recipes in different cultures, baking tips, best ways to cook, cooking prep tips and so much more!

The possibilities here go as far as your imagination will take you.

5. Beauty

Love playing around with different nail polish, hairstyles, makeup? Then a beauty blog is for you.

If you already know everything about makeup it should be easy for you to write about things like makeup reviews, hair reviews, hairstyle techniques, couture tips for beginners, and anything beauty related.

6. Fashion

Fashion is another profitable niche that you can start. This is another broad niche where your topics can go as far as your imagination.

You can run the blog for women’s fashion or men’s fashion.  You could choose to do fashion tips, closet overhauls, review outfits, put together outfits, or talk about the things buzzing around in the fashion space.  

If you can balance the workload, you can choose to do a combination of all those things.

7. Personal development

College is a time a lot of students spend getting to know themselves and who they would like to be as a person.  

Personal development blogs help their readers become a better versions of themselves.

If you know a thing or two about personal development, are willing to learn (Google is a hell of a research tool), then you can make some money from this niche.

8. Business

Entrepreneurship, finance, or accounting are all topics you can cover in the business niche.  

Because college does just about nothing to prepare students for the real realities of the business world, it is important to have this information readily available.  It might even surprise you how many students will be willing to read your blog.

Give students entrepreneurial advice, prepare them for what the job climate will be like, or financial tips like how to budget, when to save, how much to save, and how to shop on a budget.

The fact that your advice is coming from a college blogger who is in college, can help your content blow up even more.

This niche can be very profitable because students will always wonder why they never have enough money and are likely to be interested in ways they can make more.

9. DIY and Crafts

This niche is all about creating something out of everything! I mean, Who doesn’t love DIY projects?

Here the content you put out stretches as far as your imagination. And the fact that college students are typically open to trying out new things makes this a profitable niche.

You can quickly start in this niche by finding DIY projects like DIY dorm room decorations, DIY shirts, or DIY art and share it with your readers.

10. Relationship advice

If you are the cupid in your friend group, then this might be for you.

As much as we like the idea that every relationship is perfect, the fact is that every relationship does have its issues and a lot of times we could use some advice.

What makes this niche so profitable is people tend to always look for an unbiased 3rd parties opinion on things. Play your role as a matchmaker and help your readers find love or maintain the relationship they already have.

11. Tutorials (Step-by-Step)

If you are able to do something that typically that doesn’t come easily to others like drawing, cooking, sewing, hair (or nails) design you can profitable in this niche.

People are always looking for tutorials which is makes these blogs so profitable.  They fulfill a significant need.

12. Entertainment

Everything in the entertainment industry has the potential to make you money.

Some of the things you can blog about in the entertainment space are gossip topics, celebrity buzz, TV show reviews, game reviews, movie reviews, and music reviews. And remember this is by no means an exhaustive list.

No matter what topic you chose to blog about (you can choose all of them if you want) the entertainment niche will always be a profitable blog niche.

13. Whatever you want!

There is no right or wrong answer to what profitable blog niche you should be in because at the end of the day they will all require you to put in the time to grow it.

Side Note

No matter what niche you pick, the goal should always be to make sure your blog is a one stop shop for everything in your space.

Did you choose a DIY blog?

Make sure readers think of you first when they want to start a new project.

Did you…I think you get the point.

Okay, so you created your blog. Now What?!

After you have been blogging for a while and start to build a small following, what’s next?

There are many paths you can take. You could keep doing what you’re doing and keep creating content for your audience, you can try to experiment in different niches or experiment with covering different types of posts.

You can also collaborate with other college bloggers in your niche (maybe non-college bloggers too if expansion doesn’t bother you), or you may feel like it is time for you to monetize.

For a lot of bloggers, doing everything mentioned above is easy but when it comes to monetizing their blog things can get confusing.

Before you panic let me be the first to tell you that monetizing your blog is normal so you shouldn’t feel bad if you want to make money with your blog.

In a lot of cases, your audience will be more than happy to spend money with you.

If you are thinking of looking for ways you can monetize, we’ve already done the researched for you!

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