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12 Perfect Gifts for College Students Going Back-To-School

Looking for the perfect gifts for college students in your life? Skip the guessing games and go with a gift from this fantastic list. It’s the only list you’ll need– all 12 of these gifts for college students are gifts that they’ll actually use!

Know what’s even better? These aren’t the most expensive gifts, there’s great stuff in here for those of us on a budget. (Isn’t that most of us?)

  1. The Surviving College E-Course

The only product of our own on this list! Simply put, our E-Course teaches students how to survive college.

As a senior college student (current), I realize how unprepared I was when I first started college– could I have done better if someone taught me how to be a successful college student early-on? I’m sure I could have! That’s the reason we created this course… although its too late for a re-do on my own college experience, it’s not too late to help the ambitious college students following in our footsteps!

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  1. ANKER Ultra-Slim 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub

ANKER has been making waves in the tech add-ons market for quite a while now. In fact, you’re sure to see more ANKER products before this list is over. They’re made to sport a modern look, and they have a tendency to be college-student proof (durable).

“USB 3.0” may or may not mean anything to you. Just trust us on this– college students want USB 3.0. This hub turns a single USB port (perhaps one on their computer) into 4 functional USB ports. This is especially useful because dorm rooms have a shortage of places to plug things in.

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  1. SHARPIE Pens, Multi-Color, No-Bleed. 

Every (successful) college student takes notes. However, taking notes gets dull after the first week of classes. These Sharpies fix that problem. They feel much nicer to write with compared to a pencil or regular ballpoint pen. Also, they come in tons of different colors– it’s fun to switch it up when taking notes.

These are the no-bleed pens, so unlike Sharpie markers, they don’t waste paper! That’s because you can still use both sides of every sheet. Even outside of the classroom, these are the perfect gifts for college students– just in case they start feeling artistic.

  1. DOWNY Wrinkle Release Spray- Double-Value 2 Pack!

There’s a lot of things college students love to do. Do you know what college students don’t love to do? That’s right. Iron. College students don’t like to iron. We don’t like wearing wrinkled shirts either, but we dislike ironing more than that. Point is, these sprays are perfect gifts for college students!

In just minutes, wrinkle release spray makes shirts look as if they’ve been ironed, except it’s a lot less work! Just spray, smooth-out, and hang to “release” the wrinkles from any garment. Students will use this over and over again.

  1. TIDE To Go Stain Removers (TIDE Pens)- 3 Pack

Let me provide an all-too-likely scenario for this one… The college student you’re thinking of is headed to breakfast and their first class is 10 minutes after that. During breakfast, they spill some of their morning coffee (or orange juice, or whatever) on their lightly-colored shirt. Ouch. No time to go change, they have class in 10 minutes.

Boom! Tide pens. They reach in their backpack and pull a Tide pen out of the pack. In seconds, the stain is gone from their shirt. And who saved the day? You, the bringer of Tide pens, saved the day. An instant win.

  1. CONTIGO AutoSeal Spill-Proof Travel Mug

Take it from an avid coffee drinker (multiple cups per day, everyday), this is the best on-the-go mug on the market. In my experience, it keeps things hot for about 4 hours and keeps things cold even longer. It’s completely spill-proof, even if dropped.

As I said before, it keeps things cold too! So even if the college student you have in mind isn’t an avid coffee drinker like me, they’ll still be impressed that you know the perfect gifts for college students!

  1. ANKER 10,000 mAh Compact, Fast-Charge Portable Charger

Told you ANKER would be back, didn’t I? This product is a portable charger, which makes it so a busy college student can charge their devices on-the-go.

10,000 mAh refers to the capacity of the charger, and 10,000 mAh is enough power to charge a smartphone about 5 times! Also, this portable charger is equipped for fast-charging. Chargers that aren’t equipped to fast-charge charge at a slower rate than devices use power at, so they can’t keep a dying device going.

  1. TILE Keys, Phone, or Anything Finder (Slim and Standard pack)

This one’s especially great. With Tile, college students will never lose their phone, keys, or wallet. Tile attaches to a keychain, slips inside a wallet, can be stuck to the back of a phone, etc. This pack includes slim and standard Tiles– the slim ones are made to be unobtrusive in a wallet or on a phone.

How does it work? Tile has a tracking app that goes on a smartphone. If you lost your keys, your phone can take you to them. What if you lost your phone? Tile can set of a piercingly-loud alarm that can be heard under the biggest of laundry piles, or even rooms away. As long the student hasn’t lost all of their Tile items at the same time, one can find the others.

  1. GOOGLE Home Mini

Here’s the deal… I’m actually a user of the Amazon Echo. In fact, I’m a big fan of the Echo. Google Home Mini is a direct competitor to the Echo Dot… so why am I putting this on the list? Because if I’m being honest, they’re comparable products– very close together in performance…

… And the Google Home Mini comes in this really nice coral color that any Echo Dot owner would be silently-jealous of. Anyway, the Google Home Mini is a home (dorm room) assistant that doubles as a nice speaker. Students can tell Google to do things like set alarms, remind them of due dates, and add things to their calendar. Google Home Minis are the perfect gifts for college students. After all, how could any student forget who gave them the gift of Artificial Intelligence???

  1. URBAN SHOP Neon Light- Flamingo!

Practical? No. Belongs on a list of perfect gifts for college students? Yes! This neon display is 110% guaranteed to improve the scene of any dorm room. Ambiance is everything.

The link has some different options for you, but we highly recommend the flamingo! And yes. For or guys or girls. Everyone will like the flamingo.

  1. MAGIC BULLET Single-Serve Blender

Typically, college students eat cereal for every meal, because it’s nutritious. Right? Probably. Eventually, eating cereal gets boring, and that’s when a college student needs to break out a blender. But a full-size blender is too big and too expensive, and this single-serve blender is perfect.

Even if the college student you have in mind probably wouldn’t go and buy fruit at the grocery store, they can always borrow some from the meal-plan cafe (That’s what I do, anyway). This little blender is great. Smoothies on-demand, and the top (blendy part) doubles as a cup.

  1. VELLUX Microfleece Throw Blanket

I know you’re probably thinking that blankets aren’t perfect gifts for college students. After all, any college student would know to bring a blanket, right?

Well first of all, there’s no such thing as too many blankets. And second of all, this is a microfleece blanket. It’s the most desirable and comfortable of blanket technology. It’s lightweight, warm, and super soft. In other words, it’s perfect for those early mornings when students really don’t want to get out of bed. With this blanket, they can reluctantly get up, and wrap themselves in bed-like comfort while they take on the morning routine!

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Still Haven’t Found the Right Gift?

You could always gift that college student one of the many things they’ll need from our Target Back-to-School Checklist! Check it out here! Or, if you think we overlooked a PERFECT gift, let us know in the comments!

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