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The Essential Dorm Room Checklist for Guys

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Three Quick Buys that will Serve your College Life Needs

There’s a ton of checklists on the internet that all attempts to tell new college students all the different products they need to buy in order to have a decent dorm room experience. Most of these lists are useful, but the sheer number of lists available can make shopping for your dorm feel overwhelming like you might miss something and regret it later. When it comes down to it, there will always be just one more thing you could’ve bought that could improve dorm life. We’re not trying to show you that ‘one more thing’ here. This list just has the three absolute most important things you’ll want to invest in when moving into a new dorm room, all catered to a guy’s three priorities for dorm life: staying fit, staying fresh, and staying functional.

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Staying fit

By ‘staying fit,’ we mean keeping your workout regimen intact and making sure all your possessions are able to fit into your dorm room. On-campus housing has a reputation of being on the more-cramped side, especially when you’re cohabitating with another person (or other people) in your room. Look for pieces that are worth buying; that is to say, look for furniture that will serve multiple purposes, look good in your room, and be worth the space they take up. Our official recommendation for staying fit is a sturdy storage box.

Sturdy storage box

When committing to a large piece of furniture like a workout bench, it’s important that you are picky about what product to buy in order to optimize your space and functionality. That’s why a stylish trunk is perfect for a dorm room; it can function as a step stool, coffee table, storage container, and workout bench to exercise in your dorm room. This is an important lesson for all furniture for your dorm room; have a clear idea of how you’ll use the piece and ensure that it’s worth it before bringing it into your cramped space. For a piece as functional and versatile as a sturdy storage box, it’s an easy ‘yes’ from us.

A stylish storage solution like a trunk that can support your body weight can serve a ton of purposes, including working as a simple workout bench. Image courtesy of OCM.

Staying fresh

Obviously, hygiene upkeep is a basic duty of being a human being. It may be tempting to go down the soap aisle of your local superstore and pick out the cheapest product in each category you need. For thrifty college kids, this is always a viable option, but you’ll likely learn that investing a little extra care and money in your skincare and haircare products can make a big difference in looking good and feeling good. When it comes to staying fresh in your appearance, attitude, and overall odor, a low-cost grooming subscription is a great option for keeping up with your college needs.

Grooming Subscription 

You may already be familiar with the concept of a grooming subscription from ads served by big brands like Dollar Shave Club or Harry’s Shave Club. Companies like these let you pick out exactly what, how much, and how often you need stuff delivered. Instead of buying an ultra-bulk bottle of the cheapest shampoo money can buy today, you can invest a little more and get just the right amount of a nicer product delivered monthly. (Not to mention, getting packages in the mail is still fun, even when you’re not a kid anymore). These companies put effort into cultivating fresh, masculine scents for their products so you don’t have to worry about smelling like that weird bar soap that’s often found in grandmother’s houses. Grooming subscription services can deliver you razors, shaving cream, body wash, hair products, aftershave, and even a new toothbrush. Before you go and thoughtlessly grab economy-sized scentless soaps, consider investing a little more into your hygiene products to instantly elevate your aesthetic.

Low-cost subscription services can keep you stocked with skincare, haircare, and hygiene products so you don’t even have to think about refilling any of your daily necessities. Plus, who doesn’t love getting mail? Image courtesy of Dollar Shave Club.

Staying Functional

When moving from a familiar home to a new dorm room, a lot of your old habits and systems are going to be left behind with your old bedroom. You can save yourself time and frustration down the road by forming efficient habits as soon as you move in. These good habits will grow from having systems in place that make getting what you need when you need it quicker and easier. Now that the majority of the stuff we use everyday is electronic, the simplest way to streamline dorm life is to put thought into your charging station. That’s why the number-one most important product you can invest in for dorm life is a multi-socket power strip.

Power Strip

Save yourself the headache of looking around for your charging brick or reaching down in the crack behind your bed trying to reach a power outlet. Look for a power strip with enough outlets to service all your devices and with built-in USB capability so you can charge your phone directly from the strip. For safety reasons, be sure to check with your room’s voltage limits on the power outlet, and choose a power strip with a surge protector built-in.

A surge-protected power strip with USB capability will run you as little as $15 if you shop around for a good price. Image courtesy of Superdanny.

The online shopping universe will always have plenty to show you when it comes to making dorm life easier and more enjoyable. However, the vast majority of us will never have enough funds or square-footage in our dorms to buy everything we could possibly want. That’s why it comes down to priorities. With a sturdy storage box, a low-cost grooming subscription, and a surge-protected power strip, you’ll be set with the basic necessities of a functional dorm room. These are the absolute essentials; everything else is up to you.

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