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What Students Should Know About the College Admissions Scandal

William Rick Singer.

If this name has been popping up in your social feeds a lot recently you probably know a bit about what he did.

Singer was indicted for leading the nation’s biggest college admissions scandal in the history of the country.

On Tuesday, he plead guilty to four charges and admitted to everything the prosecutor accused him of.

What Is the College Admissions Scandal?

The college admissions scandal was a coup orchestrated by William Rick Singer to help wealthy families get their kids into elite colleges, some even Ivy League.

Among the family’s involved was celebrity Actress Lori Loughlin, from Full House, and Actress Felicity Huffman, from Desperate Housewives.  Loughlin is said to have paid $500,000 to Singers Foundation to have her 2 daughters get into college was student athletes to the University of Southern California’s Swim team, despite them never swimming competitively.

There were 2 ways singer “helped” these families get their kids into the schools they wished:  The first was to cheat on the SAT or ACT standardized tests and the second was to use his connections with Division I Coaches and use bribes to get the kids into the school.

How The SAT/ACT Cheat Worked

Parents would pay anywhere from $15,000 and $75,000 for each test.

Singer would then arrange for a third party who would be paid to take the test secretly for the students.

But, you might be wondering how the third party was able to take the tests secretly without getting caught.

Well, the test administrators were also bribed.

How The Athletic Route Worked

While coaches have no say on which students will be accepted into colleges, they do make recommendations that are strongly considered by a school’s admissions board.

“I was bribing coaches for a spot. And that occurred very frequently, your honor,” William Singer said while in federal court.

The families that went this route, like Loughlin and her husband – who paid bribes of up to $500,000 to singer – would take photos of other student athletes and Photoshop their kids faces in place of the real athlete participating in the sport.

They then send these photos to the schools and wait for their child to be admitted.

What Schools Were Involved?

Some of the schools to have been named in the scandal are:

  • Yale
  • USC University of Southern California
  • Georgetown University
  • Stanford University
  • University of San Diego
  • University of Texas at Austin
  • UCLA
  • Wake Forest University

To the credit of some of these schools, they began to release faculty members involved in the college admissions scandal as soon as the story broke out.

Stanford, Wake Forest University, University of Texas at Austin, Georgetown University, Yale, and UCLA have already taken action and fired members of their faculty for being involved in the college admissions scandal.

Authorities have already seized the fake charity that Singer used to hold the money paid to him. It was reported to be holding up to 5 million dollars.

Scandals like these make it unfair for hardworking students that grind day in and day out with hopes of applying and getting accepted to that ivy league school someday.

If you would like to learn more about this story, check out this CNN article here.


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