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Chegg Textbooks: The best for Virtual Courses you are a student who thought you would be leaving Zoom classes back in 2020. Or maybe you saw the extended pandemic season coming from a mile away. You may even be attending an online-only college and envisioned virtual courses on your computer from the start! In any case, Chegg textbooks may be the service you’re looking for.

No matter your status as a student, you could be wondering how you will get the textbooks you need for your virtual courses. After all, your college bookstore probably isn’t open—and you probably aren’t even on campus most of the time.

The textbooks aren’t getting any cheaper to buy… but do you really plan on looking at that textbook again after the semester is over? Of course, you could sell it at the end of the semester, but you run the risk of losing a lot of money on it if the textbook company releases a new edition. Even worse, there’s a chance you won’t find someone to buy it at all. Chegg has a textbook rental service that you might find useful.

Textbook rental isn’t a new thing by any means. Chegg makes it quick and easy and they do have some newer features. For example, their e-textbooks are every bit as good as a paper textbook. But they don’t weigh you down or take up space in your “home office” or “home classroom”. Digital Chegg textbooks allow you to search keywords, take notes, and highlight text. The same way you would with a paper book. As a student, I wasn’t a big highlighter, but I found the keyword search to be incredibly useful—especially when filling-out study guides (as they usually read close to the textbook).

Here’s an example of a Chegg textbook rental price compared to the price of buying the textbook outright: Campbell Biology (List Price: $273.32 / Chegg Price: $13.49). I’ll take the $259.83 in my pocket without the hassle of selling the textbook at the end of the semester— that’s why I rented from Chegg! I experienced the convenience and cost savings Chegg has to offer firsthand.

Other Chegg Services we recommend:

As the purveyors of the Smarter Way to Student lifestyle, Chegg hosts a boatload of services that can enhance your experience as a college student and help you to succeed. Here’s a couple that I wish I would have known about when I was in college:

Chegg Study lets you browse subjects and study anything you’d like to learn about. It’s complete with a  Question & Answer forum where you can discuss topics with other students that share your interests. What I like about this service is that you can use it outside of your coursework to learn about something that you’re interested in, but that you don’t want to take an entire class on. Plus, our study tips will help you get the most out of Chegg Study

The service that I think is the most valuable is not Chegg textbooks. It’s Chegg Writing. It lets you scan an unlimited number of papers and checks for a host of grammatical and language errors… but most importantly, it checks your paper for plagiarism against over a billion sources. Thankfully, I was never accused of plagiarism on any of my writing assignments. However, I did worry anytime I turned something in. Did I cite that correctly? Did I alter the language enough for it to be “in my own words”?

Instead of lying awake wondering if you’ll be found guilty of the academic high-crime of plagiarism, just let Chegg Writing supply you with the confidence of knowing your paper will check-out as being entirely your own.

If you’re looking for A Smarter Way to Student or the above services piqued your interest, checkout Chegg’s website. Create an account to stay on the lookout for the deals and promotions that they run regularly! I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed. And if you find out that you’re not using the services enough, they make it easy to cancel!


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