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9 Ways To Market Your Digital Business on a Shoestring Budget In College

Post Flyers throughout campus

Since the rise of social media, many students believe Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram are the only ways to get their message across. That couldn’t be further from the truth especially on a college campus.

Posters are a great and inexpensive way to market your small business.

Posting and passing out flyers around campus in high traffic places will ensure that your posters are noticed.

Below I have listed 5 hotspots around most campuses

  1. Cafeteria
  2. Library
  3. Gym
  4. Student Center
  5. The building where classes are held

Create a Targeted Youtube Video

According to OmnicoreYoutube engages about 1/3 of the people on the internet.

Creating and advertising your small business on Youtube is a great opportunity for any college entrepreneur looking to market their business.

YouTube already has your target market watching videos on their platform, it’s your job to make sure they see your video.

Paying for advertisements on Youtube can be relatively inexpensive compared to traditional marketing avenues.

YouTube attracts about 1/3 of users on the internet-Omnicore

Youtube is the second largest search engine on the planet behind Google.

As a college student, you know that millennials are more likely to click on a video than an article, so use that to your advantage. That’s why it is important to incorporate videos surrounding your industry or niche.

Adding video content to your marketing campaign will boost your company’s sales and potential customers. 

Making a high-quality video can be really inexpensive and sometimes free if you use your resources around campus. 

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Advertise on Your College Radio Station 

This one of my favorite marketing techniques on the list because it’s free and you’ll be able to reach a segment of the student population on campus.

ntent/uploads/2018/07/College-Radio.jpg”>Photo by Averie Woodard on Unsplash


Marketing through your school’s radio station is a free and useful resource on campus. College radio host are usually students so getting connected with them shouldn’t be hard. Start by emailing the radio station (student) or stop by the radio station.

Always Start Small

Starting a business in college is by no means an easy task. You must worry about papers, exams, and your business while still trying to have a social life.

Don’t put a burden on your bank account by spending a large amount on marketing in the early stages of your business. First, learn what works and what doesn’t work. You don’t want to spend your money on something that’s not going to return a good ROI (Return on Investment).

Start with a small campaign and gradually intensify your marketing efforts.

Create a Website

Creating your own website has become easier and cheaper thanks to companies like WordPress and Wix. Having a website has become vital in the business world.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur you must have a website or at least a landing page. Creating a website will enable you to advertise social media and send your potential customers to a page that further explains your business.

Your website is an online brochure about your business. Most companies offer a drag-and-drop webpage builder if you don’t have any coding knowledge.

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Purchase SEO 2018

Building a website to complement your product or service is a great step, but how are people going to find your website?

Answer: Search Engines

The powerhouse search engine, Google is a key part of the success of every website. NetMarketShare a web browser statistics company, reported Google accounted for 79% of all global desktop search traffic.

Billions of people search for product reviews, directions, and solutions on Google, but have you ever wonder how Google ranks the websites they provide you?

(SEO = Search Engine Optimization)

This is where the bookSEO 2018 by Adam Clark comes in handy. Adam Clark breaks down Google’s complex page ranking system into simple and easy steps.

Advertise for Free on Social Networks

Marketing your business on social media is one of the fastest ways to grow your business.

According to Statista, around 80% of the U.S population had at least one social networking profile in 2017.

Whether you choose Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram in order to reach your target market, social media is a great marketing tool for any business.

Social Media has become so immersed in our everyday lives that many businesses can’t survive without having at least one account.

For example, by simply sending a tweet about your new product or service to your followers can trigger a couple of leads that can turn into sales. Whether you are creating music, editing videos, or starting your own website it is critical that you market your business on one social media site.

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Paying for Advertising on Social Media

Free leads from social media are good but paid advertising on social media can bring in thousands of potential customers.

The key difference between paid and free advertising is the ability to target the people you want to see your ad.

For example, posting about your new product on Facebook will only reach the people who chose to follow your page. Your post is limited to likes and shares.

Facebook Ad Manager-Creation

Paid advertising gives you the ability to choose

  • Age
  • Demographics
  • Gender
  • Interest

With this tool, your opportunity to attract potential customers is limitless.

Good Customer Reviews Are Key

Having good customer reviews is still the most powerful marketing technique in business. Potential customers will read reviews from previous customers before they make a purchase.

Moz conducted a study where they found67.7% of people said reviews impacted their purchasing decisions.

Customers are the heart and soul of any business and losing their trust will put you out of business.

Marketing your new start-up in college doesn’t have to be expensive. If you use the resources that are available around campus you can market your small business without breaking the bank.

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