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7 Tips For College Content Creators

College has become a hub for content creators over the last decade thanks to the internet. Campuses are filled with bloggers, vloggers, and podcasters. College students just like you are making a killing on the internet producing content about a wide range of topics. If you are thinking about becoming a college content creator or struggling to get traffic to your content, then this article is for you. In this article, you learn about seven tips that will help you monetize your content faster. Let’s get started.

1. Ask your school if you can take an independent study for your business

Being a college content creator can sometimes become overwhelming. Between class, papers, studying for finals, and parties it can be challenging to create fresh content consistently. This is why you should ask your school if you can take an independent study about your business. For those of you that don’t know what an independent study is, let me explain.

An independent study is when you focus on the study of your choice (internship, content creation, job) for one semester and you earn college credit. In my experience, most schools only accept independent study applications if you are an upperclassmen. Taking an independent study as a college content creator will help you create new content consistently which will grow your platform faster. It gives you more time to focus on building your platform.

(Quick Tip: Already have a base or a visual representation of what you’re going to be doing for the semester. For example, before I applied to do an independent study I already had College Entrepreneur 101 set-up and had content on the site)

2. Create New Content Consistently

Creating fresh and relevant content is the life-line of your business. Finding time in college to create content is hard, but if you want to monetize your content, then it’s essential to develop new content consistently. Most college content creators don’t produce enough material to monetize their platform. Gaining new views or visitors to your content will require a lot of work at the beginning. My advice would be to upload new content at least once per week.


One mistake I made when I first launched College Entrepreneur 101 was not uploading enough content to increase our audience. I would publish a blog post one week and then miss a week. That was not an effective strategy, and our website statistics showed. The weeks when we posted we always saw a spike in our visitors, which told us we needed to publish more content.

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3. Join The Relevnt Community

Learning how to distribute your content is a challenge for many new content creators. Figuring out where to share your content so it doesn’t go unnoticed will take time. Thankfully there’s the app Relevnt. Relevnt is a community-driven app made for college students. The app is for digital entrepreneurs looking for a new way to distribute their content. The app lets you upload your RSS feed from your website (Content Management System) so your followers can stay up-to-date with your new content.

After you create a community based around your niche, you’ll be able to live chat and engage with other members of your community. You can interact with other college content creators on other campuses by joining communities set-up by students on that campus. For example, #FSUHumor, #FSUEntrepreneur, and #FSUFoodies are communities for Flordia State Unversity. The app is free but available for IOS devices only. The Google Play Store version should be available sometime soon.

Already have a Relevnt account or thinking about creating one? Follow us at #CollegeEntrepreneur

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4. Plan Out Your Week

Students who don’t plan out their week often say “there’s just not enough time in the day”. That’s a bullshit excuse for students who don’t plan out their week. When you don’t have a set schedule, important tasks like studying for an exam or creating content can be forgotten or not completed. It’s easy to get behind in college because so many things are thrown at you all at once. That’s why time management is the most important skill you will learn in college.

5. Reach Out To Others In Your Market

Connecting with others that already have a footprint in your market will determine how fast your platform will grow. You don’t have to connect with others, but your platform will grow slowly. Reaching out to others in your market will grow your platform faster than any other tactic. Since the people you reach out to already have audiences that trust them, your platform will grow when they mention you in a blog, vlog, or podcast. Even a share on social media will help you gain new visitors or viewers. Don’t make the mistake of staying in your bubble when you are trying to grow your audience.

6. Look For Books About Your Market


One underutilized tool by many content creators is books. Many students turn to blog posts to help them start their new venture, which is okay at the beginning. Once you start creating content, you should be buying books to educate yourself about your new investment. Reading books about your new business will teach you how to scale your content faster.

7. Get Your Peers on Campus To Promote Your Business

Word-of-mouth is still the most powerful marketing strategy. Sharing a post on social media is very different than a friend showing your new vlog to her classmates. Living on a college campus has its perks, and one of the perks is proximity. Just recruit a couple of your friends to promote your new content around campus, and you will see the impact. Make sure your content is helpful, entertaining, informative, funny, or useful.

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    Thanks for this post, Steven. Just a quick update: The Relevnt app is now available for android users on Google Playstore. I’m signing up right now.

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