6 Best Free Tools to Brand Your Startup

6 Best Free Tools to Brand Your Startup

Posted Drafted By Virginia Gregory

6 Best Free Tools to Brand Your Startup

When it comes to your business startup, many underestimate the power of branding. To captivate visitors and capture market share, you need a memorable and consistent brand. Every startup needs some branding strategy to capture the attention of customers.

The problem is that finding the best marketing tools is problematic when trying to keep your running costs low. There are many tools out there but most of them come at a cost. So, where do you start? You start right here with the best free tools to brand your startup.

Tools you need to brand your startup……

Social media scheduler

 Social media is an important part of modern-day branding. It can be hard to keep on top of all of your posts and using a scheduler can make it a lot easier. This allows you to have a consistent message and strengthen your brand. A brilliant free organizer for Twitter is TweetDeck which gives you an intuitive dashboard that allows you to control your accounts.

Writing editor

Another favorite application for branding is Hemingway. It is an online tool that helps you with sentence structures, grammar, fluency, and so much more to help improve your writing. You can use it for ebooks, content marketing, presentations, and more. Using the free tool provides you with loads of value to improve your writing and you get color coding with suggestions where you can improve. Mistakes and poor grammar in your content can be damaging to your brand. This is a tool that helps you stay professional.


 Whether it is the Starbucks mermaid, Nike’s tick, or McDonald’s’ golden arches, a logo is perhaps the most important step when branding your business. Using a free tool such as LogoCreator allows you to get a professional log without needing to pay a graphic designer. Logo Creator is also easy to use so you don’t need any experience to create a logo.

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Professional photos

 Every startup brand needs photos and there is no better free stock photo website available than Pexels. The quality of the images is fantastic, and they serve millions of people around the world. There are different creators supplying businesses with quality photos. Not only can you find photos with them you can find free stock videos as well. The library is enormous. You can choose your favorites to create a collection to keep or share online.

Content creator

 While using stock images can be very useful, you also need to know how to create your own content. With Canva, you can make a huge range of content from posters and infographics to videos and presentations. It allows you to look professional and will help your brand gain respect. There is a Pro version but most of the websites can be used completely free.

Behavior analytics

 Are you curious about how visitors use your site and where they click the most? Maybe you want to know how far they scroll and pause or leave a product. With Hotjar, you can see what customers do when visiting your website using a click map, heatmap, scroll map, and visitor recordings. This allows you to you’re your demographic and make stronger branding decisions. You can use it free for 2000 page views per day, and it costs $89 a month with up to 20,000 views per day.

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Final thoughts

 We hope that these tools can give you a great start on building your brand. There’s no need to sign up to any expensive plans when you’re a startup. All that you need to do is start using them so you can start to develop an awesome brand.


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