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An Honest Review of $5 to 5K Instagram Guide


Before I just go “reviewing” stuff, I like to explain how I’m evaluating it and what experience I have with it. For the $5 to 5K Instagram Guide from SeekingMillennial, I’ll be giving you my first-impressions, pros and cons, who I think the ebook is good for, and a final score out of 10.

As far as my experience with the ebook goes, I’ve read it twice, but I have not used the material to grow my own Instagram to 5k followers.

Let’s get into it.

First Impressions:

The first thing I noticed about the $5 to 5k Instagram Guide was the color scheme. It’s a pink, monochromatic color scheme that looks very up-to-date. The great thing about a modern design is that it reassures the reader that they’re reading current information.

The next thing to stand-out to me was the statement on the cover page. “Real tips. No fluff.” Bold assertion.

I didn’t take that at face value, but after I read the book I realized that it was true. The book is only 14 pages and breaks-down the Instagram process into the following 6 parts. No fluff.

  1. Gaining Followers
  2. Increasing Engagement
  3. Optimizing your Aesthetic
  4. Engaging with Followers
  5. Working with brands
  6. Giveaways
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$5 to 5K Pros:

The ebook really does cover all 6 of those parts in significant detail. Especially considering its length of only 14 pages.

The third part, Optimizing your Aesthetic, is well-explained by the text and exemplified by the design of the ebook. When I choose what accounts to follow on Instagram, the aesthetic of a page’s content is a major factor. Anyone who reads $5 to 5K can rest-easy, knowing they’re being coached by a master of aesthetic.

The $5 to 5K ebook includes information about tools Instagrammers can use to improve their productivity. There’s software to help schedule posts, optimize aesthetic, monitor engagement, and more. Handling all of those processes manually will take up a lot of your time.

At the end, the author has included a promotion to get 50% off the price she typically charges for an Instagram Audit. The promotion is for people who have already purchased the ebook, and it costs $25 after the discount is applied. This is an Instagram Audit by her definition: A basic assessment of your Instagram account where I’ll give you strategic recommendations for ways you can improve it.

Engagement Boosters are a whole section in $5 to 5K. They’re communities of other Instagram users that will help support readers and jumpstart interactions on their posts. This is really going the extra mile by putting readers in contact with people who already have experience.


For me, there’s only one, and it’s more of a disclaimer than a con. Keep in mind, of course, that I haven’t used this information to try to grow my own Instagram.

The competitive analysis technique is explained well, but actually doing it might not be for everyone. It’s simple to write down the actions of other accounts, but the average reader may not know how to use that information in making decisions for their own account.

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Who Should Buy $5 to 5K?

Anyone who is up to the challenge. The ebook makes it clear that going from 500 to 5K followers takes work. Readers have to be consistent and designate time to work on their accounts. The book covers everything, but it won’t do it for anyone.

If you think you’re made to manage a successful Instagram account, get this book. Take advantage of all of the advice, tools, and communities within, and your following should start to grow. After you implement the methods in the ebook, consider getting your account audited for the discount price.

Obviously, the person who wrote the book is going to be the best judge of the way you have used it. For the best results, get the author’s feedback and implement that in-addition to the book.

Final Score

I give $5 to 5K a solid score of 9/10. I subtracted the point for my single con, which is probably reaching. This is an outstanding guide overall.

To learn more about the author, check out the About Section of her website.




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