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25 Insanely Cool Amazon Products For College Students

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Amazon has become a staple in the college community over the past five years. With cheap products and fast shipping, college students have fell in love with Amazon.

Amazon offers a variety of products for college students so we compiled them in one list. (Number #25 on this list is insane & can help you type papers)

The WIFI Booster Made For College Students

NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender, Amazon

Living in a dorm room has its challenges & one problem many students face is reliable and fast WIFI. Everyone one who resides in your dorm room will be connected to the WIFI and that will cause your internet speeds to decrease. The NETGEAR WIFI extender is the answer to your problems. This fun-sized router will turn your dorm room into a WIFI powerhouse. No longer will your Netflix or Firestick movies buffer. The NETGEAR WIFI router is simple to set-up and connecting to your school’s network will take less than 5 minutes.

“It was easy to setup to setup and is working great. Excellent value”

Rhett Mitchell (Amazon Review)


The Backpack That Charges Your Phone (Smart Backpack)

College School Computer Bag, Amazon

Technology has finally made its way to backpacks and it was worth the wait. Although the backpack doesn’t look special it comes with a variety of features you won’t find on any other backpack. This backpack is equipped with a USB port for the college student who can’t seem to keep their phone charged. The number of pockets and storage space available in this backpack will have you amazed. It also comes with secret pockets that’ll help you keep your items safe from thieves.

“I love it! There is so much space in it for all my books and notebooks. When I switched everything from my old backpack to this new one it felt so much lighter than before and did not strain my back. It’s definitely a great backpack.”

-Betty (Amazon Review)


The Only Journal You Will Need (Smart Journal)

Everlast Smart Reusable Notebook, Amazon  

This is a must have for any college student who wants to graduate with a good G.P.A. This smart notebook helps you stay organized by giving you the option to blast your notes to cloud services like Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, OneNote and more. The smart notebook has 32 usable pages and one pen to get you started. Since the pages are reusable you can use this one notebook all semester.

“Works amazing! Erases well, the program works nice and is easy to navigate. Got 2 classmates to purchase as well and we are loving our reusable notebooks!!”- A. Nygaard

– A. Nygaard


The Lap Desk For College Students conforms

LapGear Home Office Desk, Amazon

Having a mobile office desk is a game-changer especially for college students. The Lap Gear Office Desk will increase your productivity and decrease procrastination. The Lap Desk is equipped with a wide surface that can fit your laptop comfortably along your mouse and phone. This desk is also equipped with a cushion that conforms to your lap which prevents laptop heat from burning your leg.

“I could not be happier with this purchase. It is so comfortable and has a place for everything. I love the light and the pull out phone holder / mouse pad. Love it!”

– GraciousMe


The Anything Finder (Never lose any of your personal belongings AGAIN)

 Bluetooth Tracking Locator (Keys, Phone, Bags, Wallet), Amazon

The Anything Finder is a great solution for students who are always finding themselves misplacing their keys, phones, or wallet. After a long day of attending class, sporting events, and a couple of parties its easy to lose your phone. You can find your lost item by alarm or GPS. The Anything finder makes it easy to find your phone, keys, or wallet in seconds.

“This great little gadget has saved me so much time searching for my keys! No more frantically tearing my house apart! Yay!”

– Janna M Carlson (Amazon Review)


Amazon FireStick (Watch ANY movie or TV show you want for FREE)

Amazon Fire Stick, Amazon

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Amazon’s Firestick, but in case you haven’t let me give you a brief description. Amazon created a media streaming device catered to movies and TV shows. Apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu are already pre-installed on the device straight-out-the-box. Nothing special right? This device is capable of much more thanks to Amazon’s app store. Those apps have the ability to stream ANY movie or TV show you would like to watch for FREE. If you want to learn what apps to download click this link. Amazon’s Firestick combined with Netgear’s WIFI Booster will ensure that you will enjoy your movies without any buffering.

“Very easy to set up and so easy to use. Everything is on it.”

-Jim (Amazon Review)


A Very Long Phone Charger

IPhone 6ft Charger, Andriod 6ft Charger, Amazon

Having a very long phone charge will change your life. No longer will you have to position yourself to accommodate your phone.

“I love these. They are perfect”

– Debra Weber



A Keyboard For Your Iphone

Ultra-Slim Bluetooth keyboard, Amazon

This wireless keyboard is a must-have if you have an Ipad. This Bluetooth keyboard will instantly turn your Ipad into a powerful computer. With apps like Word, Powerpoint, and excel you can get all of your school done with your Ipad. As I’m writing this article the Bluetooth keyboard is less than $20 on Amazon.

“Perfect size, typing on it feels great and feels sturdy. Not like other cheap crappy keyboards I’ve gotten in the past that don’t last. Worth it”

– Danielle Geiser


Air Fryer (Cook A Meal In Your Room!)

 7-in-1 Oil-Free Air Fryer, Amazon

One of the challenges all college students face is making sure they eat throughout the day. With classes, events, practice, parties it can be hard to find time to cook in college. The 7-in-1 Air Fryer on Amazon is the answer to all of your problems. This machine is oil-free so it’s safe to cook in the dorm room. In this Air Fryer, you have to cook chicken, fries, etc

“I haven’t stopped cooking. Helps me on my weight journey”

– MsShonda


Transform Your Music Listening Experience

JBL Flip Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Amazon

These JBL speakers offer convenience, compatibility, and great sound for a great price. You can connect up to 3 devices (smartphones or tablet) at once, which gives you the choice to be the DJ keeping the party going or to let someone else take control.  Its waterproof feature will also put your mind at ease about the speakers getting exposed to water. Just try to not drown it.

“I did much research before buying this speaker. I knew if I wanted great sound, portability, and waterproof capabilities- I was going to need to pay a little more than 20-30 bucks. This speaker is WELL worth the money! The sound blew me away. It does not get distorted at all. Fantastic bass and treble”

-BeeBerman (Amazon Review)


Charge Your Phone in Half Its Normal Charge Time

Quick Charge USB Wall Charger, Amazon

You need to make an important call but your phone is almost dead and needs a quick charge.  This quick charger will give your phone the juice it needs to make that call. The charger plugs into any standard outlet and will charge your phone, tablet, and other USB compatible devices 4 times faster than other chargers.

“Everything about this adapter is fantastic! Faster charge in a short amount of time, prongs fold in and out when you need it, and when you don’t. Not to mention the green indicator to show its connected, plus it’s not bright so it looks nice when dark. If you currently have an Apple adapter, I highly recommend switching to this!”

-Amazon Review


Look Out For Your Investment

Laptop Cooling Pad, Amazon

I think it is fair to say that laptops are huge investments, especially when you consider the prices that MacBooks are going for today.  Protect your investment and help your laptop last longer with this cooling pad. When your laptop starts to overheat simply plug in the cooling pad via one of your laptops USB ports and this will help with it cool off fast so you can get back to typing those papers.

“Where has this been all my life!?!?! 5 stars. Super happy! Highly recommend”

– Desirae Nielson


Start Your Mornings Off Right

Hamilton Beach Digital Programmable Coffeemaker, Amazon

There is nothing else like 8 A.M. college classes to make you appreciate those summer days spent sleeping in. Whose idea was it to have 8 A.M. classes anyway? This coffee maker will help you get your day started and keep you awake through your morning classes with some fresh, good coffee.

“I was so Happy to find this Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker. My Old one lasted 7 Years and the Heating plate stopped working. Love a Cone shaped Filter over anything else. I am Very pleased with my Product !”

– Ursula Clark


Track Your Workout Progress

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker, Amazon

Are you looking for a way to get healthy? If yes, then this a good place to start. This fitness tracker will help you track your sleep pattern to optimize for a healthier sleeping schedule, your steps, distance, and calories burned.  It also acts smartwatch receiving texts, calls, and letting you manage your calendar. The most impressive feature about the watch though is that it only needs on charge and it will give you up to 7 days of working time.

“With this tracker you seem to get a little bit more than you pay for. While it’s not quite as nice as the high-end, premium trackers out there, it’s only a fraction of the cost and performs just as described”

-John B


Upgrade Your Tech Game

Yootech Wireless Charger, Amazon

Forget the old fashion charging dock and cord and pick up a wireless phone charger today. What make wireless charging stations so convenient is that with 3 charging modes it comes with a wide charging area that can charge your phone in any direction.  No need to spend time trying to find that sweet spot to get a charge. It also has smart technology that stops charging when your phone is fully charged to prevent overcharging and overheating.

“Great Wireless Charger for All Phone Types. Without USB wall adapter”

– Griesmatthew


Take a Big Screen Anywhere With You

Mini Projector, Amazon

Get the home cinema experience with this mini projector. It is compatible with smartphones, laptops, tablets, and Amazon’s fire stick. All you need to get set is your device, a USB cord, and the mini projector and you’ll be good to go.

“Was able to immediately hook up different devices (iPhone, laptops – one with a VGA port and the other with a HDMI port). Menu and selections are a no-brainer. Picture and sound are crystal clear. The size is very small and it is lightweight. I definitely recommend it”

– Beth A. Dulin


Never Run Out Of Outlets Again

IClever Smart Power Strip, Amazon

It seems like college dorm rooms just never have enough outlets.  Skip out on the headache of deciding if you should unplug your lamp because your phone needs to charge.  This multi-purpose power strip comes with 6 plug outlets and 6 USB ports that make it easy for you to plug in your phone, lamp, TV, laptop and your other devices all at the same time.

“Nice power strip to handle many needs; durable cable, many ports, saves from having separate USB hubs, works as advertised; recommend”

– CF


Charge Your Phone No Matter Where You Are

GETIHU Portable Phone Charger, Amazon

Charge your phone wherever you go.  Never panic about low phone battery when you have to leave your home with this portable charger.  With its quick charge technology GETIHU promises to pack enough juice to last you multiple charges throughout your day.  This battery pack also comes with a flashlight which makes it a great tool to take with you anywhere.

“Great phone charger. It’s light compact and comes w a nice protective case with a cool USB light. I’m  going to buy more”

– Raquel Lucarellio


Print Pictures Whenever and Wherever

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer, Amazon

Ever see a photo on social media or your phone’s gallery and wish you could have it in your hand right away? With the sprocket printer. you can do just that. Simply connect your social media accounts to the HP Sprocket free app and you can instantly start printing out those amazing photos.

“I got this as a gift for my sister and she really loves it! Works just like a Polaroid, except it prints memories that she loves from her phone”

– Kelly Thai


Unique New Fan For Those Warm Summer Days

USB LED Clock Fan, Amazon

The LED clock fan is a great addition to your laptop to help it stand out from other boring PC’s. Use it as a fan to cool you off on those warm summer days.  Its aesthetic offers your laptop a unique look that is sure to be a great conversation starter.

“I got this for a short term novelty and did not think it would last more than a few months. But I’ve actually used it as a small fan during outdoor work breaks. I hook to a large USB battery pack and I have beat it up so badly. It just continues to run. And the clock display is accurate”

– S. Anderson


Get that Spa Feeling Without Leaving Your DormA

Crystal Decor Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp, Amazon

Give your dorm room a more natural look with these Himalayan salt lamps. These lamps can instantly change up the mood dorm room. Plug in the lamp and turn the lights off to turn your room into a warm space where you can relax and focus. With 6 different styles of lamps, you are sure to find one perfect for you or the perfect combination of lamps.

“I love how it looks. I use it in my bedroom. Perfect light”

– Belgica Bran


Easiest Way to Put on Shoes

No Tie Shoelaces, Amazon

Wouldn’t it be easier if your daily morning routine were made easier?  Turn your lace-up shoes into slip-on sneakers. With an easy 3 step installation, these shoe accessories are perfect for runners, athletes, parents, kids, and anyone with feet!

“These works perfectly for slipping on shoes day to day. Tighten it up and can run in them with no slippage. Great product, great price”


The Healthiest Shower Head

AquaBliss High Output Universal Shower Head, Amazon

This filter promises to purify your water and perfect your skin by dramatically reducing the chlorine, heavy metals, and bacteria in it.  With many positive reviews, purchasing this product is a no brainer.

“Felt the difference right away and we have some terribly hard water! Water feels amazing now”- Jarred De Salme

– Jarred De Salme


A New Way to Drink

ChugMate Wine Glass Bottle Topper, Amazon

Ever wanted a classier way to drink while at a party?  With Chugmate’s wine glass bottle topper you can drink from your cup without ever leaving your bottle behind.  Simply remove the bottle cap and screw in the bottle topper and you can start enjoying your drink in a new way.

“My best friend hasn’t been sober since I gave it to him-great gift”

– Daniel Hays


Best Protection for Your Laptop

Aqua Quest Storm Laptop Case, Amazon

Laptops are expensive.  And for college students, its an expense that cannot be treated lightly. Protect your expensive investments with this case. It offers complete protection from anything threatening your device. It is big enough to fit most laptop brands (click the product to see if yours is compatible).  With this case, no amount of rain or coffee will be getting to your laptop.

“Took my laptop in the rain with no issues or worries. The double wielded seal is extremely secure with a backup velcro top closing fold. Keep my laptop in the secondary sleeve inside of the case and it actually has protected my laptop from all scratches it has faced so far. Great quality and the handle on the top is an extra perk.”- Matt

– Matt


A Speaker To Get The Party Started

World’s Smallest Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Amazon 

Surprise your friends with the sound that comes from this tiny speaker.  Don’t let its size fool you, this speaker offers amazing sound quality that is both clear and loud.  Take your music anywhere with this speaker. It is small enough to fit into your pocket and even comes with a phone strap.

“This thing is absolutely outstanding. Velcro it into your hard hat and turn the volume up to only where you can hear it and nobody else in your work area can. It actually gets pretty loud.”

– Shaw402


An Easier Way To Write Papers

Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium 13, Amazon

Do everything on your computer easier with Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium 13.  This product lets you write your papers, emails to professors, essays, presentations and more simply by using your voice. Cool, right?  Cut the time it would normally take you to finish a paper in half by using this product. It also gives you a chance to say your ideas out loud which always helps the creative process.

“I actually find Premium 13 to be the best one yet. If I were to recommend to someone looking for an excellent dictation program, it would DEFINITELY be this one.”- MoonScythe

– MoonScythe


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