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20 Tweets That Sum Up Life As A College Student

Life as a college student is really some of the most interesting years of your life and these tweets really do sum what life as a college student is today.

We are just a few weeks into the semester and it already feels like Christmas can’t come soon enough.

No matter how fun and exciting college is advertised to be (and don’t get me wrong, college life is an amazing and fun experience) it doesn’t come without its own ups and downs.

Between juggling social, school, and family life, trying to make time to study, stressing about projects you left till the night before it was due, and the infamous finals week we all know and love dearly, college can really make you question your own sanity sometimes.

If you are a first-year student you have only gotten a taste of what these are like. All I can is, just wait till finals week.

In this post, we have compiled a list of 20 of some of the most relatable college tweets that we could find on twitter for you just because.



There you have it!

Were some of these tweets sum up life as a college student too well?

It is always interesting to find out other people have had similar experiences to ones that you have had or when you find out you’re not the only one with a certain opinion.

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  1. Student life is a special period of time for each of us, which is why many cheerful memories and incredible stories are associated with it.

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